Pushing Out the Boat features in radio arts programme on shmu FM

Pushing Out the Boat is featuring in a series of arts programmes on Aberdeen community radio station shmu FM. The show, hosted by Loraine Mudie, features interviews with writers whose work is published in Pushing Out the Boat,  with readings from their work, as well as music carefully chosen to relate to the theme. The schedule is as follows:

18 August              Lily Greenall (POTB Editor) 1-2pm

15 September     John Bolland 1-2pm

20 October           Eleanor Fordyce 1-2pm

17 November      Douglas Bruton 1-2pm

15 December       Heather Reid   1-2pm

19 January      Vivien Jones   1-2pm

2 February     Martin Walsh   1-2pm

23 March     Alison Green  1-2pm

You can access shmu FM at 99.8 FM in the Aberdeen area or through the shmu website at www.shmu.org.uk (click on ‘Listen to 99.8fm’).

Follow the links below to listen to recordings of these programmes now published on our blog.