Introducing the new editor, Peter Burnett

After saying a huge thank-you to Lily Greenall for her excellent job editing issues 16 and 17, Pushing Out the Boat is pleased to welcome our new editor, Peter Burnett. What better way to introduce Peter than in his own words …

I’m writer and publisher Peter Burnett, and the new editor of Pushing Out The Boat. I’m thrilled about this because I have been following Pushing Out The Boat since it was founded by Aberdeenshire Council in 2000 and edited by Magi Gibson. I even submitted something to the first issue, and to a couple more issues after that, I shall confess.

Yes, you will finally find a piece of writing by me in Pushing Out The Boat, after a 24 year wait! It will be the editorial introduction to my work on the magazine, and I am delighted to be doing it.

I was attracted to this job for several reasons, not just so I could get over my jinx and be published in the magazine. I wanted to be editor of Pushing Out The Boat because I am from Aberdeen, and I have always sought to be involved with people and projects here.  As incoming editor, I hope to make the magazine even better known across Scotland ― as many have genuinely not heard of it in Edinburgh where I live and work. Tut tut. Magi Gibson lives in Glasgow ― I wonder who there knows about Pushing Out The Boat? I will ask her soon.

Magi did tell me the story of how the magazine got its name, but I would like to save that story for another post, as I have only been asked to introduce myself and say hello today. So no story yet about how Pushing Out The Boat got its name. I have something much more important on my mind ― the longevity and integrity that has kept the magazine going, and I applaud that.

I have met the  Pushing Out The Boat  team and attended several meetings, and I am impressed with the solidity of purpose that underpins the continuation of the magazine, and I am honoured to be taking it into its 24th year ― a quarter of a century (almost) is quite an achievement in anybody’s book, and I am impressed with how effective they have been. Well done to them!

Now I am looking forward most of all to meeting the writers and artists whose submissions to our next issue are successful, and ensuring it is fun and creative, and that everybody has a good experience.

Thank you once again for appointing me as editor ― and I believe as a sneak take away, I can tell you that submissions will be opening up at the beginning of July.

If you want to know more about me, my publishing business is called Leamington Books. You can find links to the Leamington Books social media channels on that website as well as details of all the authors with whom we are proud to work.

Here is a photo of myself as a young man, in my happy place.
If you know this area, then Shout Out! I’d love to hear from you.

3 thoughts on “Introducing the new editor, Peter Burnett

  1. Welcome, Peter. We’re all looking forward to working with you. You’ve made a great start!

    Looking forward to hearing the origins of the Pushing Out the Boat name.

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