Issue 6

Published by Pushing Out the Boat, 2007

Issue 6 of Pushing Out the Boat, North-East Scotland’s own prestigious magazine of new writing and visual art was launched on 1 May 2007. The event at Woodend Barn, which began the Wordfringe 2007 festival, featured readings by many of the contributors along with displays of artwork.

Cover: Crow
image by Joan Burgoyne

FOREWORD by Isobel Murray

How often do you get the chance to read exciting new writing in a beautiful format? With striking artwork, Pushing Out the Boat offers you insight into some of the best of what is being written NOW in Scotland’s North-East. A poem can change your perception of a windfarm — skirts of a ballerina; two women looking at a dig in St Nicholas are really poets on the job. Stories range from Yemen to California; from an encounter with a snake in Africa to discussion of Neighbours from Hell in a wonderful Buchan pub. Open up to the riches of our writers.

Isobel Murray is Honorary Professor in Modern Scottish Literature at the University of Aberdeen and editor of the highly popular Scottish Writers Talking series.

Sample Pieces:

Seeing Is’t Everything
poem by Rachel Fox

poem by Linda Smith

Corridor of Trees
poem by Knotbrook Taylor

Binary System
extract from story by Stephen Pacitti

The story can be read in full in Issue 6


Patricia Ace
Beate Allerton
Carolyn Alexander
Roger Barnett
Norman Bissett
Sheena Blackhall
John Bolland
Joan Burgoyne
Stuart B. Campbell
Tim Chamberlain
David Elder
Jennifer Elliott
Sally Evans
Robert Ewing
Rachel Fox
Laura Friedlander
John Hargreaves
Haworth Hodgkinson
Jan Holm
Mary Johnston
Douglas Kynoch
Christine Laennec
Jessica Lane
Brian Lawrie
Robert McKay Lothian
Ian McDonough
Sheila MacFarlane
Molly Monroe
Olga Moroni
Donald S. Murray
Pearl Ozanne
Stephen Pacitti
Mick Parkin
Kate Percival
Di Perry
David Pettigrew
Jay Scott
Kenneth Shand
James Sinclair
Morag Skene
Linda Smith
Jean Souter
Ken Sutherland
Judith Taylor
Knotbrook Taylor
Paulina Vanderbilt
Maggie Wallis
Martin Walsh
Rapunzel Wizard
Diana Woollard
Catriona Yule