Issue 9

Published by Pushing Out the Boat, 2010

Issue 9 of Pushing Out the Boat, North-East Scotland’s Magazine of New Writing, was launched on Sunday 16 May 2010 at the University of Aberdeen’s Word Festival

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Cover: Yellow Driftwood
image by David Pettigrew

FOREWORD by Christine De Luca

It is rare to find an anthology that, whilst representing so well the area from which it draws its inspiration and response, reaches out to embrace a wealth of new writing in a wide range of styles. Here you will find poetry and prose filtered through the necessary sieve of quality: English and Doric, local and international writing cheek by jowl; and the work of young people sitting alongside that of more mature writers. This is a handsome magazine, building on earlier successes, with sparkling new art work, excellent design and layout as well as a treasure trove of words.

The North East is lucky to have such a dedicated team willing and able to bring together a regular anthology of such a high standard, and thus encourage not just local writers and artists but also writers from all over the English-speaking world to aspire to seeing their work in a quality production.

As the submission guidelines say ‘Our readers come to us to be entertained, seduced, unsettled, surprised, and above all given something to think about’. You’ll find plenty within these covers to do just that. Keep Pushing Out the Boat!

Christine De Luca is a poet who writes in both English and Shetlandic. She is widely published and has been translated into over 15 languages as well as being broadcast on Radio 4. Her awards include the Shetland Writing Prize; the prize for best poem in Shetland Dialect in 2006; and the Prix du Livre insulaire, 2007. She also featured in Best Scottish Poems 2006. Her fifth collection, The North End of Eden, will be published by Luath Press in 2010. See www.christinedeluca.co.uk and www.hanselcooperativepress.co.uk for more.


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Sample Pieces:

Urban Shaman
poem by Rapunzel Wizard

Fitty Gloamin
poem by Sheena Blackhall

poem by Angela Arnold

Scunner in the Gallery
extract from story by Donnie Ross

Egg Races
extract from story by Heather Reid

Last Journey Home
extract from story by Hannah Kunzlik

The stories can be read in full in Issue 9.