The POTB Team

Meet the team – we are all volunteers and, between us, have a wide range of experience and skills relevant to the production of a high-quality literary magazine.


As a Scottish Charitable Organisation (SCIO No SCO44919), Pushing Out the Boat is governed by a committee of Trustees, responsible for managing the organisation’s assets and for ensuring that the organisation fulfills its charitable purposes.

Viewing images left to right:

Lily Greenall (Editor)
Aenea Reid (Chair & Webmaster)
Gail Riekie (Secretary)
Roger White (Coordinator)
Judith Taylor (Panel Chair)
Claire Martin (Magazine Designer)

Other Team Members

In addition to the Trustees, these team members collaborate in the running of POTB.

Viewing images left to right:

Anke Addy (Art Panel)
John Bolland (Prose Panel)
Georgia Brooker (Poetry Panel)
Andrew Dewar (Art Panel)
Eleanor Fordyce (Angus Representative)
Suzanne Ghadimi (Art Panel)
Sheila James (Sales Manager)
Marion Mackay (Copy Editor)
Derrick McClure (Scots/Doric Editor)
Lisa McCormick (Marketing Officer)
Dolleen McLennan (Cover Designer & Copy Editor)
Graeme Roberts (Consulting Editor)
Anthea Robertson (Copy Editor)
Maureen Ross (Poetry Panel)
Ewan Scott (Library Liaison)
Jan Simpson (Prose Panel)
Linda Smith (Aberdeenshire Representative)