Pushing out the Boat – a glorious gallimaufry for the reader and viewer

Northwards Now issue25coverPushing out the Boat was reviewed in the Autumn edition of Northwards Now – the FREE Literary Magazine of the North. This opening paragraph sets the tone for a positive and enthusiastic review:

Pushing Out the Boat, North-East Scotland’s Magazine of New Writing and Visual Arts (Issue 12, A4, 95pp, full colour) catches and holds the eye with a wonderful polychrome, patchwork mosaic of a cover by Eleanor Leonne Bennett, age 17. Itself worth the cover  price of £6! The be-covered contents comprise prose, poetry and artwork, a glorious – sometimes gallous – gallimaufry for the reader and viewer.

To whet the reader’s appetite, the review text is punctuated by a selection of  quotations from Issue 12  with contributions by Stephen Devereux, Ian Crockatt, Olivia McMahon, Megan Seymour, Donnie Ross, Rob McClure Smith, Stephen Pacitti, Jane Pettigrew and Janice Keir being singled out for special mention.

The full text of the review can be read here.

Review author is Robert Ritchie, “a widely published poet, impassioned admirer of the city of Aberdeen, and secretary of Stirling Writers Group”.