Pushing Out the Boat Issue 13 ready to launch

Our latest edition, Issue 13, has just arrived from the printer, ready for our contributor Launch on Sunday 26 April. We think it is indeed our best yet. 96 pages of selected stories, poems and art, 57 writers and artists, many from or with connections to the local area, are introduced in a Foreword by acclaimed writer Esther Woolfson. The first-time published are represented, as well as youngsters aged from 12 to 17, side-by-side their established peers.

The magazine will be available for purchase in the next week or two from our outlets – or why not order a copy online here now.

This new edition will also be featured at Aberdeen University’s May Festival: we’re on at noon on Sunday 31 May, when you’ll hear several of our poets and authors reading from their work. Why not make it a date, book a (free!) ticket and join us in Old Aberdeen?

After its launch, this new edition of Pushing Out the Boat can be read in public and school libraries of both City and Shire, and those of Aberdeen’s Universities and Colleges.