Pushing Out the Boat poet in #LibrariesAreEssential campaign

Pushing Out the Boat is delighted to see that Maxine Rose Munro’s poem ‘Please’, first published in Pushing Out the Boat Issue 15, has a new lease of life. Maxine submitted it as a creative response to #LibrariesAreEssential, a campaign run by the Chartered Institute of Librarians and Information Professionals (CILIPS).

The campaign aims to remind politicians in the run-up to the Holyrood election in May of the importance of libraries, ‘essential to Scotland’s brighter future’, a sentiment Pushing Out the Boat  endorses.

Maxine says of libraries, ‘You taste potential/and it is sweet and heady and endless’. What better summary of a good library could there be?

You can find Maxine’s poem on the CILIPS website. And you can still buy Pushing Out the Boat Issue 15 in our online shop for only £5 with free postage and packing within the UK.

Coincidentally, Maxine also has a poem in our new magazine, Issue 16, due out in April. Keep an eye out for news of our online launch.