Programme 1: An interview with POTB Editor, Lily Greenall

Broadcast 18 August 2022

Part 1 (17 mins): Introduction by Loraine / Lily gives the history and background to Pushing Out the Boat / Loraine reads the short story Be Careful What You Wish For by young author Naomi Greenwood [Issue 16 p5]

[Musical interlude: Wishing on a Star by Rose Royce]

Part 2: (6 mins): Lily reads Calum at Talmine, a poem by Donald Goodbrand Saunders [Issue 16 p89] / Lily explains the selection process and submission procedures for the magazine

Part 3: (9 mins): Loraine reads Big Sis, a story by Mhari Aitchison [Issue 16 p39]

[Musical interlude: Sisters are doing it by themselves by Eurythmics]

Part 4: (10 mins): Loraine reads Switherin (Harbour of Refuge), a poem by Alistair Lawrie [Issue 16 p8] / Lily gives tips for submission / Loraine asks Lily what she likes to read / Issue 17 news / Roundup of where to find and how to contact  Pushing Out the Boat and shmu

Recordings of next programmes coming shortly – see Words Up Schedule for dates and details.

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