Programme 2: An interview with John Bolland

Broadcast 15 September 2022

Part 1 (5 mins): Introduction by Loraine / John introduces himself then reads his poem The Type [Issue 14 p13]

Part 2: (11 mins): John speaks about Pushing Out the Boat then explains the background to his trio of stories Three North East Vignettes / John reads the first of the three vignettes – Rubislaw Hole [Issue 14 p16]

[Musical interlude: North Sea Tiger played by Frank Robb]

Part 3: (6 mins): Lorraine asks John to explain the background to the second vignette / John reads Milonga [Issue 14 p17]

[Musical interlude: Libertango played by Yo Yo Ma]

Part 4: (7 mins): John talks about the third vignette / Lorraine reads The Lady Who Lunched [Issue 14 p17]

[Musical Interlude: Ladies Who Lunch sung by Elaine Stritch]

Part 5: (10 mins):  John reads The Retention Bonus [Issue 14 p12] / John talks about his latest work, inspired by the Piper Alpha disaster /  Lorraine winds up the interview

Recordings of next programmes coming shortly – see Words Up Schedule for dates and details.

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