Programme 3: An interview with Eleanor Fordyce

Broadcast 20 October 2022

Part 1 (4 mins): Introduction by Loraine / Eleanor introduces herself then reads her poem Strata [Issue 16, p63]

[Musical interlude: Starry Starry Night  by Don Mclean]

Part 2: (8 mins): Loraine chats with Eleanor about being a Dons supporter which provides the background to the next story / Eleanor reads her story Sweet Sorrow [Issue 8, p48]

[Musical interlude: The Northern Lights of Old Aberdeen sung by Iona Fyffe]

Part 3: (9 mins): Lorraine and Eleanor chat about the music that has just been played / then they chat about  holidays past, setting the scene for the next reading / Eleanor reads her story The Lost Shoe [Issue 13, p88]

[Musical interlude: Summer Holiday by Cliff Richard]

Part 4: 10.5 mins): Eleanor talks about  Pushing Out the Boat / Lorraine mentions where to get the magazine / Eleanor talks about being Scottish and relates a tale about her granny, the inspiration for her next poem / Eleanor reads her poem Bidin [Issue 7, p15/ Lorraine winds up the interview

[Programme ends with the music: Caledonia sung by Dougie McLean]
Recordings of next programmes coming shortly – see Words Up Schedule for dates and details.

One thought on “Programme 3: An interview with Eleanor Fordyce

  1. Delightful to hear Eleanor reading her own stories and poems and to learn a bit about the background to each.

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