Extract from Issue 9

Scunner in the Gallery (extract)

Folk fairly eest ti look forrit ti ma accompnimints, ivvry time anither diffrent een, ay, ae time it mith be ĎThe Quine Fae Ipanema Slightly Oot o Tuneí, ti complimint a fyow wee dellykit watteryculleries, or next up mebbe the Gallery wid hae a show o black an fite foties, nostalgic kine, an a wid liven things up be giein a bittie o boogie woogie some wellie in the backgrun. Aabiddy likit it, cis fanivver a startit layin ma healin aal hans on the keys, they aa aye clustert roon the picters at thi tither en o thi gallery, faar a sippose th'acoustic wid lend a kinna mistiness ti the soon.

Bit richt aneuch it wis a bit o a scunner fan wi heard they wis gyan ti shift the Hospittle Art Gallery awa an pit in a MRI Scunner instead o't. We aa suppos'd, though, Foresterhill is efter aa a placie for Health Care mair nor fit it is a Arty venyoo. An onywye, aabiddy kens at i Hale Buddy Scunner wis invintit in Aiberdeen. Ken? It his a muckle mugnet in't at maks slices oot o yer intimmers jist like a butcher's baconer, tho mebbe nae sae tasty, an sine taks mair picters thin a quinie at a hen-perty.

An so, av coorse aathing hid ti shift, thi hid ti kerry oot aa them pintins at hid bin in o i store for ages, an tho some wis nae bad, some wis gie skeery kine and some jist nae mous avaa, as i aal fyokies eest ti say; an sine as weel wihidti cuncel oot a curnie o artists at hid arranged exhibeetions, tho they wis affa gweed aboot it, mestly.

Bit the Art Pianna, ken iss, wi forgot aa aboot it.

Donnie Ross

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