Shane Strachan

a visual feast across beautiful artworks and well-crafted images of language which has much to be savoured throughout.

Wayne Price

… more than just another literary magazine … its 14 issues comprise an extraordinary and beautifully produced treasure house of new writing and art.

Tom Hammick

… a fantastic magazine … essential for highlighting and enriching local culture. I’m a huge fan of literary publications and the work within POTB is of such high standard.

John Aberdein

Seafaring and mindfaring are vital to our city: more power to the elbows of those who push out this handsome vessel.

J Graeme Roberts

…a high quality magazine like Pushing Out the Boat encourages and enables North-East writers and artists to bring their best work to the attention of a wide and discerning audience…

Mindy Grewar

I find that if you tap the covers, Pushing Out the Boat becomes a Marauders Map and Phrasebook, indispensable for sojourns in this space of sea and peak, couth and cheek…

Esther Woolfson

It has expanded its horizons while maintaining the tone and savour of place which has always made it unique.

Magi Gibson

. . . a fantastic and quality showpiece for art and new literature from the North East of Scotland

Alan Spence

Well-produced, nicely balanced… one of the most attractive magazines of its kind in Scotland, providing an important forum for new poetry and prose

Christine de Luca

. . . it continues to delight in its eclectic range of literary and visual contributions and in the care with which it is produced