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Daniel Does Lunch

                  He picked up the tomato ketchup and up-ended it, then squeezed and directed
                  the sauce in graffiti streaks all over the chips.  Then he raised the lid of the roll and
                  poured a thick teardrop of brown mucous sauce onto the burger.  He squashed
                  down the lid until the sauce oozed from the side.  He shook (not drizzled… oh,
                  Marco) brown malt vinegar, then salt, over the plateful and carefully unwrapped the
                  large knife and fork from its serviette.

                                                           ~ ~ ~

                  “Did you do lunch, sweetie?”


                  “Anywhere I know?”

                  “Don’t think so.”

                  “What did you have?”

                  “Birthday meal.”

                  “What’s that then, sweetie?”

                  “Oh, beef; onions; haricots; batons; bread.”

                  “Sounds refreshingly rustic.  French, was it?”

                  “No.  Anglo Saxon if anything.”

                  “Oh…  You must take me some time, darling…  Are you ready?  Marco is cooling a
                  superb Vichyssoise for your birthday… specially.  Come here and let me kiss you.
                  Happy Birthday, my darling.”

                  Vivien Jones

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