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                  Page 58       A Lack of Parental Care               story by  Heather Reid
                  Page 62       Your house in Valenza                 poem by Janette Ayachi
                  Page 63       If You’ve Time                        poem by Kate Percival
                                There                                 image by Lucy Telford
                  Page 64       Moths                                 poem by Denise Setterington
                  Page 65       Polo Mints                            poem by Denise Setterington
                  Page 66       Words o Wisdom fae my
                                  Omniscient Auntie                   story by Alison M Green
                  Page 67       Wind Beggar                           image by Keith Moul
                  Page 68       Corvus Frugiligus                     image by Neil Russell
                  Page 69       flock                                 poem by Judith Taylor
                                      New Year                        poem by Jen Cooper
                  Page 70       DVF Offers                            image by Sarah Ellen Taylor
                  Page 71       So                                    poem by Rachel Fox
                                Life’s a Ladder                       poem by Anne Rogers
                  Page 72       Natural Systems                       story by Morag Paterson
                  Page 74       Flyway                                image by Lisa Gribbon
                  Page 75       Time Travel                           poem by Valentina Cano
                                East Coast Lullaby                    poem by Lesley Harrison
                  Page 76       Waiting for William                   story by Douglas Bruton
                  Page 79       The Quest                             Image by Hana Horack
                  Page 80       Belongings  &  Anchorite              poems by Richie McCaffery
                  Page 81       Curried Kisses                        poem by E E Chandler
                  Page 82       Stampede                              image by Donnie Ross
                  Page 83       The Tunnel                            story by Denise Setterington
                  Page 86       Prada Offers                          image by Sarah Ellen Taylor
                  Page 87       The Daily Alien & Inhabiting the Door  poems by Angela Arnold
                  Page 88       Yoshi’s Hearts                        image by Lindsay Johnston
                  page 89       knowing one’s place  &  la ronde      poems by Mandy Macdonald
                  Page 90       Contributor Information
                  Page 92       Thabiso                               image by Ann Craig
                  Page 93       Magazine Information                  [Team, Outlets and Supporters]
                  Page 95       Visual Footnote                       image by Ralph Steadman
                  Front Cover:    New York  [oil on canvas]                 image by David Pettigrew
                  Inside Front:    The Sand that Blew Towards Us
                                [pinhole photo taken on FujiPro 400 film]   image by Lucy Telford
                                Pink Lakes 1 [mixed media on canvas}   image by Tim Winters
                  Inside Back:     From Above [acrylic/ink on paper]   image by Gerrard Lindley

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                  author/artist; any commercial re-use or reproduction of a contribution requires prior permission from the editor’s representative
                  and the particular contributor.

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