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Pushing Out the Boat Submissions

Submissions to POTB are now Closed


Issue 15

The call for submissions to Issue 15 of Pushing Out the Boat opened on 1 July 2018 and closed on 30th September 2018. The selection of contributions for publication is now complete and the processes of editing and design are underway, heading for publication in  April 2019.

Successful submitters have been notified by email and asked to provide some brief biographical details for inclusion in the magazine. If you made a submission to POTB you can verify the details and status by logging in and following the link to My POTB.

Please note that, due to limited resources, we are unable to enter into correspondence regarding selection.


We aim to launch Issue 15 in April 2019. Successful submitters will receive a copy of the magazine and an invitation to read or display their work at the launch event.

Privacy, Reproduction & Copyright

  • Data collected through the submission forms will be managed in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
  • Access to submissions will be restricted to the selection and editorial team of Pushing Out the Boat.
  • No use will be made of those submissions not selected for publication.
  • Items, or extracts from items, published in our magazines may also be reproduced on the Pushing Out the Boat web site and in other POTB publicity.
  • Copyright: Contents of the magazine may not be used or reproduced without crediting POTB and the author or artist. Any commercial re-use or reproduction of a contribution requires prior permission from the editor’s representative and the particular contributor.

For the record:

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