Pushing Out the Boat
Submissions are currently closed

Submissions closed on 30th September 2020 for our current issue, which was published in 2021 and can be purchased online or at various retail outlets. We aim to publish our next issue in 2023 with the call for submissions open for the three months to September 2022. The call will be publicised here, on Duotrope, through our social media accounts, and to the many writers and artists groups we are aware of in Scotland.


Successful submitters to Pushing Out the Boat always receive a copy of the magazine and an invitation to read or display their work at our launch event.

Privacy, Reproduction & Copyright

  • Data collected through the submission forms will be managed in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
  • Access to submissions will be restricted to the selection and editorial team of Pushing Out the Boat.
  • No use will be made of those submissions not selected for publication.
  • Items, or extracts from items, published in our magazines may also be reproduced on the Pushing Out the Boat web site and in other POTB publicity.
  • Copyright: Contents of the magazine may not be used or reproduced without crediting POTB and the author or artist. Any commercial re-use or reproduction of a contribution requires prior permission from the editor’s representative and the particular contributor.

For the record:

For reference, links to the submission procedures and instructions for the last issue are included below but please note that details may change for the next issue.

Hints and Tips


If you have any queries, we can be contacted by email at: info@pushingouttheboat.co.uk